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07-06-2012, 01:24 AM
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I just called the Chinese takeout...they answered and I said can please make an order for delivery of large 1 pork lo mein.

The person said "is too late"

I said why did you answer the phone? The person said "you might have been my mother or something like emergency"

I said how about you charge my card double and I'll give the delivery person a good tip

They said, "oooohh so you think you big rich man?"

I said no I just really want some lo mein.

The person said "so how big a tip you give rich man"
I said well a large lo mein is 8.95 you charge me 18 and I'll give the driver 10 bucks

The person said " you not rich enough to get lo mein tonight. Good night"

And they hung up!

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