Thread: Proposal: gomez for ballard... why not?
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07-06-2012, 04:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Alberta_OReilly_Fan View Post
gomez is obviously a center... vancover has the big injury to kessler to deal with so a potential second line center is way more useful to them then a 4 mill number 7 dman.

frankly i think both gomez and ballard are decent players who are stuck in horrible situations and both need a change of scenery.

gomez only makes 4.5 million real dollars next year and vancouver probably can find an easy landing spot for him if he has any sort of bounce back season at all... if not he may need to finish next year in the ahl since the cap hit will suck next year if vancouver gets stuck with it... but its only money and ballard is on the books for an additional season and needs to get moved

as for why montreal does this... obviously they have zero use for gomez at all. they are trying to get more team toughness though and i think ballard would have a great chance to be a top 4 dmen with gorges and subban and markov...

maybe would lose out to karberle for playing time and end up a number 5 but that is still more useful then gomez is.

the thing with both gomez and ballard is right now they have negative trade value because they suck so much in their current situations.. but both these guys were quite useful not too long ago and neither is so old that they are physically past their prime. either guy might be able to bounce back and have a decent season in a new enviroment and then either guy would actually be decent value on his contract and could be moved again.

so worst case... its bad contract for bad contract. vancouver gets one less year and less real money... montreal gets the smaller cap hit... both teams deal from a position that is overloaded for one that there is a team need for.

but i guess vancouver fans are going to freak at the cap hit? idea is floated though and i think both teams should take some note cause i feel its a good idea
Who's this Kessler you're talking about and where is Vancover?

But no, we're not taking Gomez. Ever.


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