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Originally Posted by CharlieGirl View Post
Schenn was a goat in Toronto, fairly or not. There's a reason a team that sucks trades a very young defenseman. I hope he plays well, but I don't expect a hell of a lot out of him.
I'm not saying he wasn't a goat out there or he didn't deserve to be. I just don't like the overreactions that people have to the players that are labeled as goats (Carle, Leighton, and now Schenn). While Carle and Leighton are not superstars by any means, and certainly had their fair share of blunders, a large number of those blunders are blown way out of proportion and whenever anything good happened involving them it was simply brushed under the rug and called lucky or something along those lines.

As you can see, it is already happening with Schenn. The season hasn't started and already he was a "frequent" scratch in Toronto, despite only missing six games over the past three seasons. If he sucks and blows it, get on him all you want, but the overreactions around here get a bit silly and I expect that to continue with Schenn.

However, if JVR becomes a star in Toronto, and Schenn never improves beyond the player he was last year, there are going to be a lot of Flyers fans *****ing and moaning and ready to torch Schenn.
Absolutely. And if they both are just OK people will be all over Schenn. And if they both are real good people will be all over Schenn. And if they both suck people will be all over Schenn. And so forth and so on. The only way people WON'T be all over him is if JvR doesn't have a good season (and even then I will expect excuses like "Well he was gelling with his new team!" or "His linemates sucked!").

Originally Posted by Fish Invictus View Post
Yes, we get it. You can't stomach any criticism of anybody at all, especially if it reflects poorly on Holmgren in the end.
Oh, that's right. It is ok to exaggerate things that make Homer look bad but not ok to correct those exaggerations because I am a "Homer Lover."

Whether you care to admit it or not, Schenn is starting on the bottom since he's been a disappointment in Toronto. He couldn't cut it on a bad team, and it went beyond just one coach. He was traded for the player many view as the consolation prize for The Dying Time. He has a bit to prove. All your petty, condescending sarcasm doesn't change any of that.
He certainly has a lot to prove. I'm not saying Schenn is our number one defenseman or anything like that. Simply saying that because JvR is the new Scottie Upshall (not in terms of skill so don't overreact to that statement, it is just in terms of people crying that he is gone) people are going to overreact to Schenn's play. A prime example is people saying he was a "frequent" scratch in Toronto, or your characterization that he couldn't "cut it" on a bad team. If he ***** the bed then I have no problem with people getting on him. But what we all know is going to happen is every night JvR scores a goal and Luke Schenn doesn't it will be "OMG WHAT A BAD TRDE." and every night Luke Schenn gets has a turnover it will be "OMG HE SUCKS SO MUCH IT IS HIS FAULT AND BRYZ'S AND PROBABLY LEIGHTON'S TOO!"

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