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Originally Posted by Flamesarmstrong22 View Post
If you look at his track record he hasn't really done anything bad at all except for maybe the wideman signing, but in his defense you saw what the other FA D got paid, that was the going price and if it wasn't Calgary some other team for sure would have gave him 5.5 mil.

A list of some of his moves, since taking over as flames gm:

.Trading a old beat up centre in Langow for a younger, cheaper stempniak.

Meh not a big deal either way Stempniak didn't produce what he should have last year for the Flames while Langkow is a decent 2nd/3rd line centre. Probably a wash.

.trading a lazy winger in bourque, a average prospect and a 2nd for a guy with passion, alot better offensive ability than bourque and a Goalie who is a average prospect but also posted the best numbers in the KHL.

Bourque is lazy yes but was it really necessary to add a 2nd round pick and prospect to a deal where Flames were adding salary anway? I like Cammalleri but the deal is maybe a slight win for the Flames.

. Signing Alex tanguay a 60-70 point guy to a cap friendy 3.5 mil.

Decent deal for Feaster and if Tanguay continues to produce definitely a good signing.

. Signing a hard nose 25-30 goal scorer in Glencross to a cap friendly 3.5 mil.

Feasters best move by far.

.signing roman cervenka who has a ton of skill and COULD pay off huge for the

Signing bonuses worth millions of dollars to an unproven guy who has never played an NHL game? Debatable signing at best can't say it's bad or good at this point.

. Drafting Sven Bartchi 13th overall and he MAY turn out to be the steal of the draft.

Very good but Feaster gets his scouts to give him recommendations so got to give the scouts half the credit.

. Picking up Blair jones who is a solid bottom 9 guy who can kill penaltys for next to nothing.

We'll see what he can add. Played good few games last year I'll give you that but another meh kind of signing in my opinion.

.picking up akim Aliu, who is big,knows how to get under the other teams skin and has some offensive ability and should be a solid 3rd line guy for next to nothing

Meh we'll see if he cracks the roster this year.

.drafting mark jankowski who was a huge risk, but from what some sports people like McGuire and mckenzie say he could pay off big time down the road.

Big risk and can't say for sure either way if it was a good move.

And those are just some of the moves he has made. And looking and that list and sitting here thinking, I really can't think of a move feaster has made that was really bad except for maybe the wideman signing, who like I said would have gotten that money somewhere else, so featser just gave him the going price, which yes was too much but it is what it is. And for every one is says the flames didn't need wideman, they are wrong. The flames were almost last in points by D men so wideman will surely help that.[/QUOTE]

I can list a few really bad moves here you go:

-Resigning Comeau and Stempniak... yuck
-Giving away NTC/NMC like a parent gives away candy on halloween
-Trading Regehr and a 2nd for butter soft butler
-Failing to resign Oli Jokinen
-Having 2 wingers as your top 2 centres for next year.... fail Feaster
-Not trading Iggy/Kipper at the deadline when they were worth alot.... fail Feaster
-Wideman for over 5 million.... fail
-Spending to the cap and one of the highest cap teams... Fail the team is not a playoff team
So then why is Brian Burke not rated below him???? Burke has had 5 years and has produced the 5th worst team this year. Calgary was better. And Feaster has only been there 1 year so far. Give hime time. Everyone seems to have given Burke the time, why not Jay? And FWIW...I am a fan of neither team so there is no bias feelings either way.

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