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07-06-2012, 08:05 AM
Jack de la Hoya
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Originally Posted by Reaper1097 View Post
And since they can't trade him for a year can Nashville afford 30+ million in that year?
You can't pay him $30 million on a one-year offer sheet.

But we're going around in circles here.

To summarize:

1) As far as anyone can tell, there is literally no long-term offer sheet that Nashville won't match--regardless of money or term. THey offered Suter $90 over 13 years, and Poile gave every indication that they would have matched Minnesota's $98 over 13 if given the opportunity. I don't see why they would blink at most of the packages suggested here--to get to a package they wouldn't match, you'd have to give Weber such an insane contract that it would kill your own cap situation.

2) Nashville almost certainly would not match a signed 1-year offer sheet--because it would guarantee that Weber hits UFA without them being able to trade him or his rights next year. They would be forced to either play him for the year and let him walk, or take whatever compensation they get from the OS.

3) Weber's qualifying offer is 7.5 million, so obviously any OS needs to be significantly above that to garner his interest. Anything about 8.42 requires 4 first round picks. A 1-year OS of 8.4 million is 2 1sts, a 2nd, and a 3rd. If Nashville matches that, they (almost certainly) lose Weber for nothing in July 2013.

So, basically, any team with an interest in Weber and salary cap space could / should offer a similar 1-year OS of 8.4 million.

As others have said, doing this would probably kill any team's long-term relationship with Nashville, so I don't see a problem with trying to work out a reasonable trade.

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