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Originally Posted by TheGleninator View Post
Age has nothing to do with call ups its about who is the better player and I feel that is Byron.
Age and experience have a lot to do with getting called up. Also, the style of game a guy plays has a big part of a call up. Nemisz strengths are in an all around game, playing well on both sides of the puck and being able to use his size and awareness to make plays at both ends of the ice. He's not oberly physical, but he is really good at getting in the way and taking away space from the opposition. He is also good at making space for his linemates, which pays off in offensive chances. The Flames have been giving him time to skating so he can take that game to the NHL level, which he displayed he could do last season. Ward was very free with the praise for Nemisz calling him the Heat's best player during numerous interviews. The kid has a good future ahead of him as a player in the David Moss mould. Nemisz has a game that translates well to multiple lines in the NHL, which makes him a good prospect.

I'm still trying to figure out Byron. He's quick and has some offensive skills, but he disappears in the play. He spends most of his time on the perimeter and doesn't use that speed to his advantage. I think the Flames believed he would be a little water bug out there, like a Brian Gionta or a Steve Sullivan, but he doesn't think well and read the plays. He doesn't use his linemates overly well, nor make much ice for them by going to the open areas. He reminds me of a smaller Rico Fata, with less speed and physical edge. I've been waiting for him to put up some big numbers in the AHL, but he has yet to do that either. I'm not sure what you see in this kid, but I don't think it's coming through to the Flames. That one year contract is a signal to put-up-or-pack-your-bags. What you describe is a John Gaudreau, which Byron is not. Byron's size is going to kill him because he doesn't have that dominant offensive game that allows a small player to flourish, and that makes him a poor prospect and a huge risk.

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