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Originally Posted by TheDrizzle81 View Post
Which isn't all that impressive. Let's be real. Last years team wasn't all that good. Ok but not that good. We got lucky Pittsburgh self destructed. We have the same questions going into this year we did last year. Will the kids play well? Will bryz live up to his contract? How will the defense play? Is out depth reliable?

That said I like where we are I'd rather stand pat and get form answers to those first two questions before we go further. If the kids are great keep em. If bryz contines to be mediocre then a change has to be made
I mean, we changed up the team fairly drastically last off season and used 11 rookies during the regular season, and 7 in the playoffs. I didn't expect us to challenge for the Cup this year, and I won't really do so next year either. I'd have loved to get Suter and/or Parise here, but they didn't go for the offer Homer gave them. Even if we would have done so however, Couturier, Schenn, Read, Wellwood, Rinaldo, Bourdon would still only be sophomores. That's a few too many for a team to go really far. Usually at least. That's also a reason not to lock up any of the "leftovers" of this rather poor ufa class to long term contracts just to make some signings. Next year looks a lot more promising, both for the team as it stands now, and for ways to improve it.

Originally Posted by McNasty View Post
That's the whole thing, I can't see any move the Flyers can realistically make that gets them closer to a Stanley Cup. With that in mind I'm completely comfortable with a couple of depth signings and continuing to let Schenn and Couturier develop.
Agreed. Also, if we do have cap space to bank for a change, there could be some options to upgrade later on in the season. There are quite a few interesting players that will become ufa's next season and at least some of them will be on teams more or less out of it come trade deadline time. Rather wait for that than fill in the 6th d spot right now with someone like Colaiacovo (I wanted him a few off seasons ago however, when he re-upped with the Blues...).

Originally Posted by FLYguy3911 View Post
Little worried about trading Laughton already. I feel like his best hockey is ahead of him and his value will be higher in the future. I guess this is kind of like trading Sbisa. You knew he was going to be good, but you got over it for the return (well at least before Prongs got hurt).
One would certainly hope so.

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