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Originally Posted by Tripod View Post

So then why is Brian Burke not rated below him???? Burke has had 5 years and has produced the 5th worst team this year. Calgary was better. And Feaster has only been there 1 year so far. Give hime time. Everyone seems to have given Burke the time, why not Jay? And FWIW...I am a fan of neither team so there is no bias feelings either way.

Burke has had to follow one of the worst GMs in leafs history, which decided the Leafs were still in win mode after the team was gutted during the lockout?

You know... The days when jiri tlusty was the leafs top prospect? When their best forward was Jason Blake?

Burke hasn't made the playoffs, sure... But the roster is becoming more and more respectable every year... The organizational depth from when JFJ was in is night and day - leafs have a great prospect pool to draw from now.

You probably don't remember when the leafs had an injury..l they called up John pohl... He couldn't even skate. That was our depth right there.

But yeah, use playoffs as your yard stick... It's still a marathon. A misstep here, a misstep there, but you fail to see the strides inbetween.

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