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07-06-2012, 09:12 AM
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Originally Posted by achdumeingute View Post
Yes, you can pay him 30 mil (maybe a little more maybe less) in one calendar year on the offersheet. It can't be his cap hit, but that can be the salary. We were supposedly offering 14 mil for the first two years on our 9m a year cap hit deals to Suter and Parise. There is a BIG difference financially in a straight up 98/13 year deal paid at 7.5 mil a year and one where he gets 14 mil this and next years and then like 3 mil in the end.

I don't know the terms of the Minn contracts or the Nsh offer.

That said, the offersheet is a bad idea all the way around IMO.
The max you can offer a player with this CBA is 14 million for this year. If he were to sign our offer sheet right now it would probably have a 12 million signing bonus on this day and the same day next year. He would get a 12 million signing bonus and 2 million salary, then next year get the same signing bonus. So he would make around 26 million in one calender year, 30 million is out of the question. It would be against the CBA rules they have in place. Remember he needs to have a base salary for the year, his salary just can't all be the signing bonus.

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