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12-01-2003, 02:56 AM
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(1) Briere,3rd for Gratton,4th
Buffalo viewpoint: Excellent deal, got a top 6 forward when Gratton was being hyped in the media as the solution to many teams problems (faceoffs etc)
Phoenix viewpoint: ouch
Outisder viewpoint: Buffalo win.

(2) Maxim Kuznetsov, Sean Avery, 1st (Jeff Tambelini) in 2003, 2nd in 2004 for Schnidier
Detroit eyes: A deal that needed to be done for two shots at the cup.
LA eyes: Good return, lose that 'great blueline' tag tho. Gain the 'younger, cheaper' tag
Outsider viewpoint: win, win

(3) Wayne Primeau for Matt Bradley
Pittsburgh viewpoint: less salary
SJ viewpoint: Primeau is making a contribution to a team trying to rebound.
Outsider viewpoint: Priemau is the winner here, output has risen considerably.

(4) Vrbata for Battaglia
Colorado viewpoint: Well at least we turned Battaglia into something useful in Konowulchuk.
Carolina viewpoint: Moved a player who wasn't performing well, but had been hyped in the media as a 'playoff performer' due to a good previous year.
Outsiders viewpoint: Vrbata might well look good offering extra scoring options for the Avs, but would he be a better option than Konowulchuk? Excellent deal from Carolina's perspective, not as bad from the Avs as they've turned Bates into someone more useful.

(5) Van Ryn for Bure
St Louis viewpoint: Van Ryn wasn't going to get to play, Bure offered some secondry scoring.
Florida viewpoint: Got Van Ryn and then got Bure back! Van Ryn is on the PP a lot and is putting up good numbers and eating up a chunk of ice time.
Outsiders viewpoint:

(6) Dvorak and Cory Cross for Carter and Pisa
Edmonton viewpoint: Carter wasn't scoring any game winners, he wasn't clutch enough for us. He was costing an arm and a leg as well (I guess scoring the GWG for team canada pissed a few pepople off).
Rangers viewpoint: Cory Cross was a waiver wire defenseman at the time, Dvorak was doing squat. Basicaly ate the salary.
Outsiders viewpoint: Cory Cross has shown he isn't waiver wire material after all. Dvorak seems to have slotted in very well with the oil (how about that playoff goal against the stars). At the same time, Carter has struggled with the Rags.

(7) Smolinski for Gleason
Sens viewpoint: Needed a player, needed some salary to be paid for as well, possibility of Gleason turning into a 2nd if he didn't resign, Gleason was probably a few years away.
LA viewpoint: Didn't want to resign Smoke anyway, Gleason has made the top 6 already. A few years away my ass.
Outsiders viewpoint: Looking like a fine move by LA. The sens traded up for Gleason, Mucks obviously didn't have the same attachment to the player.

(8) Hrdina, Leroux for Abid, Focht and Lefebvre
Don't know enough here to comment.

(9) Niinimaa and 2nd for Isbister and Torres
Edmonton viewpoint: Get a good young player in Torres who has been labled as a bust. Get another Edmonton boy in Isbister. Give up a 2nd and my number one defenseman, but I feel the future is Eric Brewer.
Isles viewpoint: Move my bust and that 'potential powerforward'.
Outsiders viewpoint: Niinimaa gives the Isles on paper the best top 4 in the league. Torres is looking like a much more integral part of this deal now.

(10) Neidermyer for Damphousse and Commodore
Ducks viewpoint: Need more amo for the cup (and what a shrewd trade it looks like).
Flames viewpoint: Neids was the local whipping boy, Button was getting rid of the whipping boy and bringing back McAmmond to reunite that top line (doh, thats right McAmmond can't play until the new season because he was traded before the waiver draft!).
Outsiders viewpoint: Big win for the ducks, but a win with a what might have been for the Flames.

(11) Papienau,3rd for Osgood and a 2nd
St Louis viewpoint: Osgood has looked very solid. Not great in the playoffs, but not bad.
Isles viewpoint: Osgood had been inconsitent and was costing too much money. Snow had been playing well and Di Pietro was ready to come up and play some games. Made sense to move.
Outsiders viewpoint: win, win.

(12) Nolan for McCauley, Boyes and a 1st (eventually turns into Steve Bernier - not exactly sure what the Boston, SJ Trade was).
SJ viewpoint: Look at all that salary Nolan was eating up. Get a good guy in McCauley, a good youngster in Boyes and Steve Bernier for him. Great value.
Toronto viewpoint: Nolan is a tough SOB, although at first the trade didn't look so good, he's doing what it said on the tin.
Outsider viewpoint: win, win. Nolan can help TO have another run with an aging core, SJ gets much cheaper.

(13) Amonte for Lefebvre, 3rd '03, 2nd '04.
Pho viewpoint: Amonte wasn't producing, getting a lot of critisim, long term deal.
Phi viewpoint: I can reunite Amonte and Roenick for how much? Deal!
Outsiders viewpoint: In comparison with what TO gave up for Nolan, this Amonte deal still looks like a bit of a steal. Amonte has been producing quite well, but lets see how it goes in the playoffs this year. Win for Philly.

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