Thread: New York Islanders: Official Sky Is Falling Thread
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07-06-2012, 09:27 AM
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Originally Posted by WeStarve4Success View Post
It is despicable that our franchise is allowed to trot out this lineup in the fall, pending Stromes aformentioned caphit. The team is not only still the worst in the Eastern Conference, it is headed for a SIXTH straight year with a lottery finish. And yes, we all know the summer is far from over, nobody cares. The team sucks now, it will suck after we trade for the next top 9 plug, and it will suck come April.

That is just unbelievable and, quite frankly, does nothing but show the NHL that we are run by a bunch of monkeys.

So, I don't get bothered by it, I just refuse to go to the games and watch the franchise that I (used) to love crumble before my eyes.

At least in 2015 I can (more then likely) move on with my life. Nobody needs this crap. And that's what it is, crap. All of it.

Can't wait for that amazing Boyes breakout season where he then goes on to ask for a raise from his 1 million but the Isles let him walk. Should be amazing to see who our next reclamation project is. Seriously, what franchise continues to do what ours does? Answer: none. Not even the CBJ. At least they made the playoffs two years ago.

Seriously, **** you Charles, and **** you Garth. Lieing sacks of ****. We'll be lucky to hit 200 goals with this garbage lineup. But hey, "at least we're not getting killed out there every night"

If that doesn't tell you all you need to do know.. lol
Just wait for when Matt Moulson's next contract is up if he puts away two more 30+ goal seasons. That will be interesting to see if they pony up or not.

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