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07-06-2012, 09:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Digable5 View Post
Do you think that's enough of a confidence, ego, or whatever boost for the team? We just challenged your tough guy and he was TOO SCARED. I realize losing Chara for 5 minutes is too valuable to give up especially to an essentially useless hockey player. But, can they/do they still call him chicken and play a little bit bigger because he backed down?
To the guy being challenged, it's a "hey, I'm a real hockey player, go f' yourself" response. To the challenger, it's "hey, chicken ****, man up". I suspect fans of both teams are going to have one helluva interesting year justifying/defending/debating what goes on between these two teams.

Originally Posted by Zip15 View Post
I'm sure Sabres fans will take it like that, but can you blame Chara? You're arguably the best defenseman in the league and you're taking yourself off the ice for five minutes to fight a goon who can't play. Buffalo will take that trade every time. I think the Bruins guys will just laugh at him, call him obsolete, and move on. The benefit will come from having him there so that the Bruins take fewer liberties.
Pretty much. And like I said, it's a freaking two minute powerplay. Go take the penalty and get it on. Stop acting like being short for 2 minutes or in the box for 17 is some great punishment. If there is beating to be done, commence with it and stop hiding behind the chance of a PK.

Originally Posted by Loods View Post
They've got a ways to go in terms of toughness, I think.

I like his attitude.
Yeah. They have three regular defensemen who play a mildly to fairly rugged game (Myers, Weber, Regehr) but almost no one in the top 9 forwards does. Scott's a nice addition, but does not solve the relative spinelessness of the majority of the roster.

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