Thread: Helene St. James Quincey Files for Arbitration
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07-06-2012, 11:09 AM
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Originally Posted by joe89 View Post
Latest arbitration award to a mid d-man was Campoli last year, he was awarded $2.5M(CHI walked away, he then signed for $1.75M with MTL).. He had also played for three teams in total, and was acquired by his new team at the deadline. Also injury struggles in the last few years heading into arbitration.

Campoli career stats before arbitration: 397 games, 33 goals, 102 assists, 0,35 ppg, -39. Playoffs 18 games, 1 goal, 4 assists, +3.
Last two seasons heading into arbitration: 144 games, 8 goals, 31 assists, 0,27 ppg, -3.

Quincey career stats: 257 games, 18 goals, 77 assists, 0,37 ppg, -5. Playoffs 24 games, 0 goals, 2 assists, +/- 0.
Last two seasons heading into arbitration: 93 games, 7 goals, 20 assists, 0.29 ppg, -6.

There's some raw stats, read what you want from it.

Some context:
Quincey has a history of playing more on special teams, especially penaltykilling, i.e. more ice time.
Quincey hits some more, blocked shots fairly equal.
Campoli takes fewer penalties.
Campoli has more experience.
$2,5M last year equals about $2,7M this year.

I do think Quincey is better and should get more than Campoli, but based on those hard facts I don't think he should get close to $4M.

I don't expect this to go to arbitration though.
I think your comparisons are fair, but why do think this won't go to arbitration? What do you think he'll agree to? (Remember, he didn't even counter offer Holland's initial proposal.)

I am guessing, he wants a 4+ year deal at $4M+. I seriously doubt that the Wings will do that. So, in lieu of that, he'll take a one-year deal (from the arbitrator or Wings), then leave as a UFA next year. I think he'll go to arbitration out of frustration though, much like Hudler did. He'll see the Wings are sitting on a ton of money and won't understand why Holland is holding out.

Also, not sure why everyone is bickering about what he'll get paid. We have almost $17M in cap space. This seems like Ericsson's contract all over again, where people quibbled over ~500k when the Wings sat on almost $5M in cap space all season.

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