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Originally Posted by Jaymond Flurrie View Post
Do people here agree that you don't make a multi-year contract and then throw player out (not trade, but waivers) just like that immediately? If so, Avs have stated that Johnson, Zanon, Hunwick, O'Brien and Wilson are going to play for at least this season as top-7 and if they are at least "ok", then for the next season too since they have contracts for 2013-14 also.

The only top-7 d-man that doesn't have contract for 2013-14 is Ryan O'Byrne, so basically you either trade (or waive) someone you just gave a multiyear contract or then you block the way of all of your d-men prospects. The third option is that you are 100% sure there will be injuries, but even then the prospects are just replacements. If not, then why to sign Greg Zanon? Why not a spot for one of Gaunce/Barrie/Elliott to replace Hejda for the time being? If the answer is that the defense is not good enough then, then why do you sign someone like Zanon instead of trading your second rounder to someone like Liles (that's his value, according to Sherlock) or making a trade like Stastny for a top-pair d-man?

I don't really understand why team has absolutely no trust on any of Gaunce/Elliott/Barrie/Siemens (for 2013-14). I can understand that not all of them are ready for 2012-13 to take a top-6 position, but the contract situation of Avs-D says that none of them are going to get a serious chance to take a full-time spot in 2013-14 either.

So a trade is needed to make that space for them. And in that trade
1) Avs needs a #1 or #2 d-man
which gets us to situation that
2) Avs needs to unload at least two d-men in that trade

This also at the same time means that if you are going to trade a forward (like Stastny) out, you really can't take a d-man in exchange - that is, unless you give at least two d-men out at the same time. Which team would need something like Stastny+O'Brien+Hunwick and in exchange for who?

What do I miss here?

I think we stand put. Stastny is not going anywhere. We might as well get that out of our heads.

I posted this in a different thread:

Is LA's defensive corps that much better than ours?

Drew Doughty - Rob Scuderi
Willie Mitchell - Slava Voynov
Alec Martinez - Matt Greene
Davis Drewiske

Compare that to:

Eric Johnson - Shane O'Brien
Jan Hedja - Ryan O'Bryne
Ryan Wilson - Greg Zanon
Matt Hunwick

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