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Originally Posted by Flamesarmstrong22 View Post
I'm not sure what I'd rate him as a gm throughout the league cuz that's pretty hard to pin point, but I'd say middle of the pack around 10-17. But for fun lets just rate the Canadian gms:
1- mike gillis
2-Probably Murray
3- feaster
4-not far behind Burke
6- tambellini
* not far to rank bergevin since this is only his first 2 weeks.

Now for that list that's just my opinion. Some may not agree that I put featser ahead of Burke or cheveldayoff, but the way I see it is Burke has been leafs gm for five years and they still finished 5th last! Plus all of the atrocious contracts his given away( komisarek, connoly,) or brought in threw trade(lombardi). And for cheveldayoff I put him 5th because honestly I haven't seen him do anything. He's done good at resigning his players but other than that I haven't seen him do anything worth while since becoming gm.
You can't rate GM's on strictly success of the team, you need to rate them on success against expectations.

So rating Tambo at the bottom for coming into a shattered Oilers team and starting a rebuild is completely wrong. Tambo has turned the Oilers into a young and extremely promising team, built assets up, turned their farm team into a cup contender while accumulating a ton of good prospects.

Feaster came into a similar situation in Calgary and decides not to rebuild year in and year out and has kept the flames in 9-11th place for consecutive years...not getting closer to the playoffs.

The moves Feaster makes are moves that keep him just out of the playoffs but not sliding down in the rankings, which in my opinion is the worst possible place you can be. You don't make the playoffs and you get the worst pick in the draft out of teams not in the playoffs.

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