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07-06-2012, 10:39 AM
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Originally Posted by BowDangles View Post
You can't rate GM's on strictly success of the team, you need to rate them on success against expectations.

So rating Tambo at the bottom for coming into a shattered Oilers team and starting a rebuild is completely wrong. Tambo has turned the Oilers into a young and extremely promising team, built assets up, turned their farm team into a cup contender while accumulating a ton of good prospects.

Feaster came into a similar situation in Calgary and decides not to rebuild year in and year out and has kept the flames in 9-11th place for consecutive years...not getting closer to the playoffs.

The moves Feaster makes are moves that keep him just out of the playoffs but not sliding down in the rankings, which in my opinion is the worst possible place you can be. You don't make the playoffs and you get the worst pick in the draft out of teams not in the playoffs.
One of the biggest issues with judging Feaster and Feaster's job in general is that the mandate from the management and owners above Feaster is that they don't want to do a big tear down rebuild like the Oilers. They want to remain competitive and make the playoffs now and forever. Tough job to do without a young core and young prospects - which isn't Feasters fault it is his predecessors. The Flames drafting and developing of young talent has been among the worst in the NHL over the last 10 years and it is starting to catch up to the Flames (over the past 3 - 4 years). Feaster is trying to right the ship in this regard but it takes time - things are already looking better with the likes of Sven and Reinhart. And when people on these boards come in here and say things like "Feaster is one of the worst GM's - he needs to tear it down and rebuild etc." that really isn't an option as his bosses won't let him. Just like I would like to wear jeans and golf shirts to work every day but my bosses won't let me either...

So to conclude - I think Feaster is doing a better overall job that Sutter did in his short time here so far; but only time will tell if he will be successful

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