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Originally Posted by bleedblue94 View Post
the only reason people say nash is overrated is bc they want to get him for a joe thornton package, which just isnt reasonable. even when thornton was dealt GMs around the league said if they had known he was available they wouldve offered allot more then SJ did.

who cares if arti/dubi are younger, nash isnt 33

this whole concept of 2 players combined will outscore one is pretty ... well dumb. you cannot look at it that way bc say you trade player A:50pts + player B:40pts traded for player C:70pts, well yes that is a 20pt difference BUT you will also be adding player D into the equation (to take the other place of the 2 you traded). and if player D is a solid 40-50pt guy like one of player A or B then you have just netted a 20-30pt increase. not to mention i dont see arti or dubi offensively growing beyond 40-50pt players.

and beyond all that the most important thing in all of this is NOT POINT TOTALS, it is installing a player who affects how other teams match up against us. do you think the devils were shaking in their booties when dubi came back in the series, or they suddenly had to change that way they structured their defense to handle us? not a chance! now if a player of nash's caliper were dropped into our lineup it would have definitely effected the way teams had to match up against us. just look at what adding krieder did for the team, and for adding a new matchup dynamic. the bottom line is if arti and dubi were players on another team guys on this board would be much more realistic about what they are. NEITHER PURELY CREATES OFFENSE!!

nash is a player who pots 30-40 a year when other teams can zero in on him as the primary offensive weapon in columbus. how much space would it open for gabby or nash if they were on different lines and teams had to pick which guy would have to go against the 1 d unit, which would leave the other player potentially against a lesser d unit.

id love to see what dubi or arti would be doing if they were in nash's situation in columbus. youd prob be looking at 30-40pt guys. they are two players who have benefited from the players around them here in NY for the last couple years. they are completely replaceable...
Nash purely creates offense? Then why doesn't he put up 80 points every year? You wanna know why? Because he is a goal scorer. Thats it. He hasnt put up 40 in years. He has a full NMC with a $7.8 cap hit that a lot of teams can't endure. It has been written that Nash doesn't look like he wants to be there at times not really giving a 100%.

The notion of two players outscoring Nash's production is not dumb at all. Getting younger with cheaper cap hits who will produce at least 80 points, filling out your roster when you have nothing in the pipelines and no free agents wanting to sign there is pretty damn worthy of the value of your "star" player. Nash is overrated for what he makes, hands down. He has nice hands and size. When he comes here and scores 50 goals I'll eat crow. He hasnt been surrounded with completely incompetent players yet he gets paid like the elite players in the league. Crosby is elite. He can make no name players or average players better. Stop with this bs that Nash is worth the moon.


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