Thread: Confirmed with Link: Brandon Prust to Montreal [4 years, $10M]
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07-06-2012, 10:59 AM
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People on this board need to acknowledge two things:

1. Many of us (including myself) have probably said to themselves many times: **** when Prust is on the ice because he absolutely rapes any bottom 6 forward we have and I would even get scared for guys like Whitey and Moen. This is the type of impact a bottom 6 forward needs to provide not a huge amount of points albeit some. They create an atmosphere which negates any lack of scoring they may or may not provide. If Prust being on our team allows more teams to stop running our players, opposing players being accountable, and freeing up PK minutes for our top forwards to score...well then we scored in free agency

It isn't always about pushing players down the depth chart i.e. getting a top 6 winger and making a struggling top 6er become a top 9er. Sometimes adding depth can actually help offensive woes for other struggling players.

2. Prust will obviously help our bottom 6 get more aggressive since Moen and White will now have back up but I think its also going to be huge for our top 6 since they know they will have legitimate backup when **** goes down. They can play their game and not be afraid to get into rough areas because guys won't be taking runs or cheapshots all game. and as preivously mentioned many times it takes one of our top 6 guys off the PK which is quite big! (Imagine Pleks rushing on his breakaways during ES instead of on the PK?? That would create quite the matchup problems if he does the majority of his skating at ES)

Anyways super stoked for the signing because having a bottom 6 that makes other fanbases and player go... oh crap not these guys again is something MTL hasn't had in foreverrrrr (Laraque doesn't count)

Plus Lars Eller is going to become a total G (Walter White style) with Armstrong, Prust, White, and Moen watching his back.

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