Thread: New York Islanders: Official Sky Is Falling Thread
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07-06-2012, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by WeStarve4Success View Post
Here's my biggest gripe, if I haven't mentioned it already:

Why the **** do we not bring in ANY outside help unless it's for someone who's old and on the downside of their career?

Does Garth really think he's going to win anything with this horrible lineup? Does Garth overate his prospects? I'm so sick of reading about Kyle Okposo and his great potential. He is what he is, folks! He will never be a staple on a top line. Ever. His hands are laughable in tight and aside from a short glimpse here and there, he's never going to be this amazing, 70 point player.

Not to say he won't be a solid 50 point player, but we have enough of these types. Who the hell, besides Tavares, can do something out there where you go, "Wow, he's good!"

Nobody. I mean that is really, really scary sad.
Your biggest mistake is the assumption that ownership/management care about hockey. They do not.

As has been stated the smart play is to stay away, don't go to games, after all they must be laughing at you as you walk through the turnstiles.

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