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07-06-2012, 11:49 AM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Aside form the all caps its pretty much spot on. Now not everyone says this all the time, but on an almost daily basis we get some sort of argument between posters regarding stuff like: Homer is the worst GM ever by some people's claims. JvR for Schenn is worst trade in Flyers history. Most of the Flyers players have super-high ceilings and should not be traded. Most of the other team's players are mediocre at best. No goalie has ever let in a goal that wasn't saveable. No goal the Flyers score is ever soft. And so forth and so on.

And while each argument has it's own merit on both sides, I really don't think it is an outlandish claim that people overreact and exaggerate around here to an extreme degree. While I poke fun at these exaggerations by using all caps, I would think it is pretty clear that I don't actually think anyone has ever said the team is going to fold or be forced to move to KC or that anyone uses all caps to complain about these things. On the other hand, those people complaining are not doing it to poke fun, they are serious. And more than likely those who will argue against that are those that are involved in said exaggerations.
The only person who routinely says "HOMER IS THE WORST GM EVER" is you. The only person who says "ONLY BRYZ LETS IN BAD GOALS" is you.

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