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Originally Posted by CoopALoop View Post
Butterfly pads are generally worn loose. Make sure there is some slack with not only the toe ties, but the straps as well. After that, it's just stretching and practice.

What type of pads are you using?
Hi Coop,

I have a pair of GP Reebok Pro Sr. (Koho) I'm going to do some work on them (replacing straps mostly) to begin with. Imgur is being a pain and not letting me upload the pictures.

They have seen a fair bit of use. The town I live in is a huge on High School sports for Boston. They were the top senior goalie's pads for two seasons before he got a new set as a graduating gift.

I'm not very flexible yet but I'm taking yoga once a week and stretching for 20 minutes before and after gym days (monday-friday).

I'm not sure its possible for me to do a butterfly yet. The thigh (or is it knee?) risers are a hair under 3 1/2". I don't want to drop into a butterfly on the ice and blow out both my ACL/MCLs. I might add one more riser to help practice and stretch with -- I figure if it goes much higher pucks will squeak through.

Here's a really dumb question though. Where does a goalie grip the paddle?

I'll probably play my instructional league scrimmage game on the 15th. My plan is to challenge shooters, double pad stacks, and put myself in between the goal and the puck.

Oh for goalie sticks, composite or wood? I have my wooden one, but I wouldn't mind a lighter one. Are they as fragile as people say they are?

And for anyone who has trepidation about jumping into an instructional league, go for it! It's really rewarding. Even though I could barely skate with any grave as a goalie it was really cool having everyone banging their sticks on the ice and shouting encouragement.

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