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Originally Posted by Fro View Post
just back to office from camp...

forsberg...he could be legit if we grow him a bit more...stopping nearly everything...

ryjo - needs to quit dogging it in drills and the group lap skates...needs to set tone and lead here...ala cam

funny moment 1 - Madaisky wins shootout comp and everyone had to worship him

funny moment 2 - Dansk and Korpisalo coming off ice tapping each other ribbing the other and slapping sticks to pads...just kinda funny to me with the swede and fin battling together all week
Its funny how people see things differently. I thought Johan looked pretty good today. He had a couple nice goals and showed a really quick release a couple times. He dis look bigger also.

Players who stood out to me:

Lukas Sedlak- by far best player on ice for me. He sniped a crap load of goals, hustled and just looked to be a legit prospect.

Cam/Johan- looked like vets out there. Cam looked smaller but really stocky. Showed great patience around the net. Ryan looked bigger and stronger, seemed to push a few guys around. Got a good laugh from him swearing he scored in shootout comp but fans denied him!

Zaar- has a wicked shot. Really seems like this kid can be a steal. Slick skill too.

Boone looked great. Had a hard wrist shot. Looked strong on boards in front of net.

Josh Anderson has way better offensive upside then i realized. He was also way bigger then i expected. Scored a couple beauties.

Oliver Gabriel had a good day. Was impressed by him. Friend i went with was most impressed by him.

Madaisky was the best dman in my eyes today. Not only did he show some skills in shootout comp but he showed great mobility up and down the ice. Good one timer. Excited bout this guy.

Weber and Murray were also good. Murray looked gassed to me shortly into practice though. Later on he warmed up and showed a couple really nice, quick long outlet passes. Weber is calm and smooth.

Cucuruto was wearing red but showed a bomb of a slapper amd one timer. Could tell he was itching to get in on some of the drills.

Prout was impressive to. He looked much closer to being NHL ready. Obviously

Was really impressed with all goalies. Dask and korp made some amazing saves. Forsberg and oullette both looked good. Really excited bout goalie position. Ian clark may be one of the signings howson has made.

I thought camps invites Hanley and Aleardi looked like legit prospects as well. Wouldnt be upset of either of those to guys were signed.

Came away from camp today excited about the cbj furture. Our talent level was very very impressive. Most camps ive been to, one or two guys really stand out from the rest and some look terrible. However, i can say not 1 person looked bad and quite a few caught my eye!

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