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Originally Posted by DutchShamrock View Post
You don't know that. You're speculating. You don't know what's driving his decisions. Right now his agent is feeding a story to TSN about how he's coming to terms with Suter leaving... can't believe he left the group in Nashville. I don't know what the angle is, sounds like he's trying to build something in Nashville though. Picking where he goes for the rest of his career might trump the few million he'll lose in the new CBA. What if he signs now and salaries get rolled back again? What's he losing if they restrict the circumvention deals? A year or two at 40 for $1m per? Weber is going to get $7m+ for the next 6 years whether he signs now or after the new CBA.
Of Course, we are all speculating.

But I can say he probably would want the best contract now, then waiting a year and taking his chances.

Also, who saids he wouldn't be traded where he wants to go? He has to agree to a contract extension to the team he would be traded to if Polie wants a significant return.

If Weber wants to go to Vancouver, Polie will try to get a deal done with Vancouver. Most likely Weber has a couple destinations that he is interested in.

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