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Originally Posted by Levitate View Post
Why do you care how much the owners get unless you are one or are related to one?

Moreso to do with the complete control they have over players and anything at all that goes on in the league...control that goes beyond what any other industry has in any way and control that has been pretty explicitly given to them by the government because...??? who knows.

I doubt it. I don't think any owners are going bankrupt because of their NHL teams (or sports teams in general). If they have money problems it's almost always because of other reasons. Players are groomed and brought up their entire lives to do one single thing, have little to no training at any thing else in their lives, and rarely even educated on money management. Player make a good living but they're one slight mishap away from never playing again, and then they're living in a life where they're suddenly on the outside of everything they've ever known and have no real skills outside of their sport. There was a great article about retired NFL players and the struggle many of them go through because *real life* is so drastically different than the life they've been groomed for and lived while playing up until that point.


While I really shouldn't care (and don't, too much) about squabbles between millionaires and billionaires, I do feel like the owners are spoiling for a lockout here and that irritates me
1) I don't care how much the owners make. I just don't want a lockout and want the games to be played. I could not care less if the players were paid minimum wage or if they got 100% of the revenues.

2) Complete control? How? Any control the owners have were collectively bargained. If the owners had complete control they would have got the 18-game regular season and 2 pre-season games like they wanted, and practices would be in full pads with hitting 3 times a week all season, training camp would be 2-a-days for 4 weeks.

3) I am well aware of the struggles of many former NFL'ers. I happen to know a former Giant very well and through him and my memorabilia dealings have met many others. Not sure why it is the owners fault the players did not receive educations. In the NFL, they now have symposiums for rookies to help them make those decisions. And yes, owners can go bankrupt with poor financial decisions. As Francesa said about Charles Wang, "I know him very well and he has lost his shirt with this team. BUT, he does have a lot of shirts." Wang's outside interests is what has kept him afloat this whole time.

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