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07-06-2012, 01:16 PM
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Originally Posted by cassius View Post
cold topping = do. not. want.

Mineos is the best pizza in town if you ask me.
Originally Posted by DockEllisExperience View Post

I'll say Fiori's for best pizza, Mineos is top notch though. I love Beto's too as someone else mentioned, it's very unique. You're either going to love it or hate it.

Fat Head's is where I always take visitors from out of down, 40 taps and one of the biggest "bar food" menus you'll see anywhere. Get the Chicken Little Headwich if you're looking for something unhealthy/delicious. I'll go on the record and say I was very underwhelmed with Tessaro's, I'd rather have a burger at Fat Heads, BRGR, Burgatory, Winghart's, Red Robin or 5 Guys. Maybe I had a bad experience however...
Yeah.. Beto's is a love/hate pizza. I know Travis loved it and all... but most people are either rating it 10/10 or 1/10. There is rarely a medium score.

You can't go wrong with Mineos or Fiori's, either. I don't care for sweet sauce,but I'd be lying if I said Fiori's was not a top-notch pizza.

My top 5 (all top tier pizzas/favorites in Pittsburgh)
- Betos
- Osso's (Washington county)
- Fiori's
- Mineo's
- Campiti's

And Dock is 10000000% correct about Fat Heads. Their burger is ****ing awesome. I actually think Tessaro's is extremely overrated, too. It's a very average burger with a terrible bun and God awful side. Burger/fries is my favorite meal so I try a burger from just about anywhere. My top 3 of all time are Burger Bar (Vegas), Fat Heads, and Bob's Diner (Kennedy township right by the Giant Eagle).

Dock.. if you haven't had a burger on mancini's bread from Bob's, I'd highly suggest you get one. Extremely good burger. The reason I rank it so high is because it's on my favorite bread, too.

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