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Originally Posted by DutchShamrock View Post
Ok, for Defensemen numbering 1-6, we have the first four locked down. Maybe 5. MDZ isn't playing in the true "top 4" position being the 3rd LD. If you want to argue semantics and devolve into that, I'm game. I mean, hey, once Stralman is signed he technically plays on the 2nd pair so yes, we will have our top 4. I wasn't going to get petty like that, but we can waste posts on this if you want.
stralman is not a top 4 defenseman. he is a 3rd pair guy who played over his head abit and was exposed at times. i love how mdz gets killed for his gaffs in the nj series, but stralman gets a pass. some guys just cannot win with this fanbase.

and yes i will argue semantics bc youre not going to pay 4 defenseman "top 4 d money" when only 3 of those 4 will be playing in your top 2 pairings. to do so is a poor use of cap space. top 4 d men are a chief concern bc in crunch time they are the guys you rely on. im not paying a guy top 4 money who wont be playing in top 4 minutes

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