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Originally Posted by BigG44 View Post

This is just an FYI, but the games played bonus I was talking about earlier is a form of salary.

With an ELC ... salary literally means the actually NHL salary + signing bonus + games played bonuses. Most 1st round draft picks get max salary and max signing bonus with no games played bonus. The max total salary right now is $925K, and the max signing bonus is 10% of that. Therefore, a standard ELC to a 1st round pick pays a signing bonus of $92,500 and a NHL salary of $832,500.

Since the league minimum on a contract right now is $525,000, you could give a player that as their NHL salary, a max signing bonus of $92,500, and then any number of games played bonuses up to a total of $307,500. In that past, Dallas might give a guy 4 games played bonuses paying $10,000 each for 10, 20, 40, and 60 games played.

With an undrafted free agent, a common practice you'll see is giving a guy a max 1 game played bonus of around $307,500, and then give him a verbal guarantee you'll give him the opportunity to collect.

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