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Originally Posted by Fish Invictus View Post
Why aren't they going to make the playoffs? How do you figure there are 8 teams that are 100% better than the Flyers?

-NJ has lost Parise and several key players are getting even older.
-NYR has lost Fedotenko and Prust, and have generally gotten a little weaker this offseason.
-Boston just lost their all-star goalie and the guy replacing him is still an unknown quantity
-The Caps haven't done anything to replace Semin or really improve, if OV's decline continues they are in trouble. They still lack centers.
-TB has no goalie, their D corps is still lacking.

While I do believe the Flyers will make the playoffs. I do think this breakdown is a bit flimsy.

NJ lost parise, that is true but "several key players" is rather vague.

Rangers lost Fedotenko and Prust. Ok, big deal? not really huge elite players there. "general gotten a little weaker" is also, a bit vague.

I wouldnt say Rask is unproven, definitely not as experienced as Thomas, but not unproven. He has enough games under his belt.

Caps, and Lightning I agree.
I'm basing my opinion on the Rangers off what Rangers fans I know have told me. They think their team has gotten worse so far, and aren't pleased with this offseason. As for Rask, he has lots of games and one great season with 45 games played, but has yet to carry a starter's workload, so we'll have to see how that plays out.

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