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12-01-2003, 04:15 AM
Black Eye
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Is it the case that the Bruins are especially prone to experiencing bad officiating or is it the case that the Bruins simply experience a lot of the type of officiating that is going to be happening? What I mean is, perhaps the "bad officiating" is simply how the games will be called. The Bruins have a big first line. There is a lot of expansion and dilution of talent in the league and the lesser teams "compete" by playing clutch and grab. Apparently, that is not going to be strictly enforced.

Where does this leave the Bruins? It seems some of the players and fans have become focused on this and want the officiating to be different. Perhaps that is not in the offing. It seems clear to me that the Bruins better figure out Plan B pretty soon and move away from having this "excuse" for their difficulties. Whether it is a valid complaint or not, if the Bruins feel they deserve to win but are being robbed then they are acknowledging that there is a reason for them to lose that is out of their control and that's a bad place to be.