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07-06-2012, 02:35 PM
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Originally Posted by CJam613 View Post
Most people don't even watch him play. I remember having a discussion recently with someone IRL who is also an Ottawa fan and as soon as I mentioned Semin still being on the market he was like 'I don't want Semin he's a floater and he would be the next Kovalev.' So I asked if he'd ever seen him play and you know how people hate being asked to actually support their assertions. Anyway, I informed him that Semin actually backchecks, and plays hard most of the time -- and that he's put up 386 points in his last 417 games (since the lockout.)

When you compare that to the other two big forward names being thrown around this summer...

Zach Parise: 410 points in 502 games
Rick Nash: 451 points in 520 games

You'll see that Semin has put up a higher ppg pace (Semin - .926, Parise - .817, Nash - .867) with less ice time than either of them, and a higher GPG pace (Semin - .448 , Parise - .386, Nash - .444)

But yeah...definitely wouldn't want a guy that has done nothing but produce since coming into the league on my team despite not being the go-to-guy on his way...
TOTALLY agree on your point about people talking about players they barley (if ever watch). However, Semin backchecking!?!? Not in the playoffs this year. Super soft on the puck. No battle in the corners and floats backwards. Amazingly skilled offensively, but I don't see the all around game your referring to (personally).

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