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07-06-2012, 02:38 PM
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Originally Posted by BobRouse View Post
As a matter of fact YES! I am the former chairman of the BoD!!! I've been roughing up Ted and GMGM from pretty much day 1.

Different does not mean right.

Your assertion is that the "core" of the team is the problem. I could not disagree more!

The true problem is that GMGM never got the right ancillary players to go with the core.

Where is our rugged vet dman? Where is the crease clearer? What about the long awaited 2nd line center? Why do we always seem to roll into the playoffs with a rookie goalie? When we have our best teams why do names like Schultz/Morrison/Eminger/Jurcina/Pothier show up in the D lineup card? Where is the rabble rouser agitator that we haven't had since Hunter/Kono?

Its not the core my friend...its what surrounds the core that has been the problem.
Your opinion, but the ancillary players have been rotated annually with no success. Maybe it's all the GM and no matter what until they pick up that one 4th line guy to put us over the top it's all an exercise in futility?

Wait, Kono was an agitator? LOL...riiiiiight.

I'm not discounting that McPhee should have done more, but to ignore the core players is foolishness. Those are the guys who get the most ice time and play in critical situations. When they succeed, they team usually succeeds. When they fail, the team fails.

I just don't believe that our successes or failures hinge on the bottom 6, the bottom pair D and another roster spot here or there...

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