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07-06-2012, 03:49 PM
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Originally Posted by BobRouse View Post
Because Doan is 35 and has a lot of mileage. He's been a very good player but father time catches up to all of us and sometimes suddenly. I don't think his contract demands will be less with another team..if anything he'd give the benefit of the doubt to Phoenix when it comes to contract stuff. With the amount of bidders for his services I'm sure he will get 5 years from someone and thats just stupid to me due to the CBA.

Semin is in his prime.

Neither player has had "team" playoff success for the simple fact that they haven't been part of teams that had a good "mix". Sure there are different "mix" problems with the respective teams but it hasn't been either players fault for the lack of team success.
Doan is as invested in Phoenix as any player is in any NHL market. He's lived there for 16 years, his kids have lived nowhere else, and he and his wife run a successful horse farm.

I think it's very logical that he'd want a long-term deal there, but nowhere else, because he wouldn't want to uproot his family.

Signing a short-term deal in the East would give him a shot at a Cup and some cash without relocating his brood.

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