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Originally Posted by iRep TheWingedWheel View Post
Lou Williams announced on twitter that the team decided to go in a different direction.

I'm glad they didn't over pay Williams and got away from Brand's contract but I don't know what to think of Young.
He instantly becomes their best scorer but he takes so many bad shots way more than Williams did and that's saying something.
It's only a one year deal though.

As FlyGuy pointed out Brand only had one year left so you'd have to think they're up to something. But Mark Stein said that they couldn't afford Hawes and N.Young without amnestying Brand.

This is where they stand right now:

C- Hawes
BN- N.Young, Allen, Harkless, Moultrie, Vucevic.

They've got 3-5 roster spots to fill.

I still think Iggy gets moved.
I like Young on a one year deal. The guy is talented. He has to prove himself. I would have liked for them to look at OJ Mayo, but it seemed they had no interest.

I agree with your last point. Maybe I'm reading too much into the Nick Young signing. I could see Nick Young at the 2, Turner at the 3, trade Iggy for a big man? The front court as it stands now isn't gonna cut it. If Nick Young is a flop, Turner back to the 2, Harkless is ready to step into the 3 spot possibly (2013-14 season).

If they don't trade him they have 2 spots left. Could use a true backup point gaurd, possibly another big man, and maybe a developmental guy as the 12th man.

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