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07-06-2012, 03:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Broom of the System View Post
With the uncertainty of the CBA, Weber will not even consider signing a one year deal. Thanks for playing though. All of the personnel stuff is way off base too.
Neither you nor I nor anyone in between knows what Weber "would not even consider". It's a consideration to be sure, but if he's set on going somewhere, aside nightmare scenarios like a debilitating injury (which is a risk to be sure) Weber's the kind of guy who will be paid well no matter where he ends up or what CBA. Things like playing where he wants to play for a team that can win may mean more than guaranteeing a lifetime salary in one contract.

To the original post, iirc ownership has stated or implied that they would be willing to spend a lot more, maybe to the cap this year, previously there's been an internal cap which was roughly the highest a team could spend without losing revenue sharing. I think the Bridgestone lease might have had something to do with this, not sure if the renegotiated lease changes things.

But the Preds are in good shape personnel-wise. As has been stated, really one more top-four defenseman and things would be set.

Forward wise, I think most expect Kostitsyn to get roughly $3M in or before arbitration, I think Colin Wilson hasn't been factored in (if you're going by Capgeek) so the number of bodies are there with $24-million-ish to spare.

Assuming $10 million to Weber and $4 million for a defenseman addition, the Preds would still be $10 million under the cap.

There's plenty of cap space to ice a solid team even with a huge offer-sheet, if ownership is willing to up it a bit like they've said they would, and since they were willing to pay Suter and Weber both big bucks this year, I'm inclined to believe them.

The only question would be if Weber signed such an offer-sheet, would it make sense to match it and then lose him next year since he can't be traded?

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