Thread: Speculation: Roster 2012-2013 - Part II
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07-06-2012, 04:08 PM
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Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16 View Post
I look at the Gervais signing as someone who can push Gus and Bourdon. Gus was on his way to becoming a very good defender until his wrist was injured and he had to get it operated on. He wasn't quite up to par when he came back, but I thought he turned a corner with his play in the playoffs (yes, there were a few errors he made, but errors that can be easily corrected).

Bourdon though, hasn't started working out yet because he's dealing with post concussion syndrome. That worries me a bit because he was also on his way to becoming a good defender as well. Maybe I'm over-hyping Bourdon and Gustafsson, but I really think those two get it and can be very good players here. I think there's more upside to those two guys than just 5 - 6 guys. Like I said, I think the Gervais signing is nothing more than something to light a fire under those two and get them to play at a high level right away.
Not saying much that they need a guy like Gervais to push Gus or Bourdon when healthy. if they need a guy like that to push them to be better then that really isnt saying much about their compitiveness.
I still believe Gus can be a solid bottom pairing defenseman for the Flyers. He was playing pretty well as you said before he was hurt.
I hadnt thought of Bourdon's PCS issues at all. I honestly didnt think it was an issue.

Originally Posted by BrindamoursNose View Post
The Gervais signing is a good thing regardless though. He's a puck mover and right-handed. He's not a good player, but it's at least an option. I think Bourdon will be starting third pairing and have a hard time thinking Homer can't see that he and Gustafsson (even Manning) were just fine last year, but Gervais is not a bad depth guy.
He isnt a good player. I am not sure hes a good fit here at all. never should of given him that extra year. They already have Lilja around. You have Lilja,Gervais,Gus and Bourdon for one spot essentially. One contract to many at least.
Its not like we can dump Lilja in the minors. Unless the CBA changes his cap hit counts regardless.

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