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Originally Posted by tikkanese10 View Post
I think people aren't realizing what Nash is. Nash is a superstar stuck in hockey hell. Bobby Ryan is definitely a star, but I think Nash has the "it" factor. He's a monster. Cough up Stepan Sather get this guy here before he makes us EAT IT as a Flyer, Pen or Devil (magic Lou). JUST DO IT!! You gotta give to get. Sweeten the pot with something to make up for holding on to McD and Kreider. If Nash gets swiped we will be in bad shape and end up overpaying for Ryan. If Ryan goes than we will pay too much for Semin and so on and so on. Gotta be proactive here. This guy is the real thing! Prime of his career. Don't be fooled by stats (which are still real good) from one of the crummiest franchises in the league.

Nash on a good team will fight for the most points in the league with the likes of Crosby, Malkin, and the other top flight players.

We have this guy a few months ago and we get to the finals because it doesn't take us 7 every time.

Figure Howson out. Dreger's pressure tweet isn't doing it. Give him something. This team is ready now. Losing a couple of guys won't destroy us. This isn't the '94 situation. We'll still have a great core and future even if we lose 2 or 3 of them. The playoffs aren't played "in the cupboard".
I believe the Nash boat might have already sailed past NY. I'm not sure Sather can make a move that he and Howsen would be comfortable with?

This thread had mostly been about Howsen and the whining by the fans since he won't end their misery. You do know that Howsen is going to be fired? He picked up Filigno the other day and is in the process of remaking his team. The owner is giving him the flexibility into trying to rebuild his team for a new GM? makes sense that he's soon to be let go? LOL

So today I see the Headline, "Saga going on too long for the NY Rangers"? The article goes on to say that NY is ready to move on to look at other options. News to Sather, you can leave your home the weather is nice outside. Someone will let you know if Howsen calls. You mean Sather has been a shut in for 4 months without a plan B? if so, then it's time for Sather to pay the price and acquire Nash. Let's forget all the macho stories that theRangers don't need Nash. On second thought maybe the Rangers have no interest to contend for the cup? CBJ also needs the Rangers as they have the talent to make a deal.

I now believe that Howsen is smarter than I thought, or I'm dumber? He has convinced me that Nash is going to play for CBJ next season if he doesn't get his price. Would I pay his asking price? Absolutely not. Is stealing Nash off the table? I believe so. Maybe the article has some validity. I would like to see Sather give it his best shot then walk away and not revisit the Nash situation. The fact that blogs keep running disinformation stories leads me to believe both sides are still negotiating through their sources.

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