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Originally Posted by mulle View Post
There is a lot of hate going on against Russian hockey these days. Radulov and Semin is some of the player who got criticism later, and you can't start talking about KHL before some people shouts how bad that league is . So this thread is for those who can enjoy the skill and beauty the Russian bring to the NHL and hockey world. So why do u like Russian hockey? Here is a video wich show what i love about Russian hockey.

If u don't like the music u can mute it
You are absolutely right, Mulle! It is hate, I don't think that's overstating it. It goes all the way back to when Fetisov joined the New Jersey Devils, and, according to Brendan Shanahan, his defensive "teammates" set him up to be backstabbed (checked face first into the boards from behind) by opposing forecheckers. If a team has a Russian star, you have already identified who is going to take all the blame when things don't go right. Canadian and American stars are off-limits for criticism.

Like you, I love the Russian style of hockey, and my interest in hockey is limited to the Russian version. Your video shows how Russian style hockey is applied in competition at all levels. I love to see Fedorov, Mogilny, Bure, Ovechkin, Kovalchuk, Kovalev, especially Malkin, and most especially Datsyuk. Question: what planet is Datsyuk from?

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