Thread: Speculation: Alexander Semin part II
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07-06-2012, 06:36 PM
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Originally Posted by kratzbuerste View Post
Excuse you, do you even understand the meaning of the phrase "never change a winning team?"

Because I am pretty sure I was the one who advocated trying both combinations, but then some smart ass Caps started splitting hairs over proverbs here. So, really, no interest in having another go around on cutesy pretend misunderstandings.
Theyre not a winning team... they have a winning line. You can change things to make a winning team with a slightly weaker line. its called spreading out the scoring, perhaps youve heard of that?

Not to mention 'never change a winning team' is stupid. That means youre the best you can possibly be which no team ever is. You think the Kings arent going to try to become better? Lol ok right. Every team tries to get better and even the winning team needs to (and the Pens arent the winning team).

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