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07-06-2012, 06:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Kitsy View Post
Calgary is spinning its tires and reminds me of the JFJ years in Toronto. I'm not sure if it's Feaster or upper management from him but the team has 0 chance of winning the cup and needs to trade Iggy and Kipper before the value becomes nil. Signing Wideman and Hudler for the length of time they did makes sense to me if they need a top six winger and offensive defenseman to get over the hump and become a contender. I know of no one who thinks this team is built to play long into spring. If Iggy, Kipper or Gio gets hurts there is scarce depth to fill those holes. It'll be a testament to Feaster's legacy if the Flames are stuck in 10th or 11th by trade deadline next season and Iggy or Kipper don't move for some quality assets. I would like to look forward to a time when the Flames legitimately look to be building for a cup or contending for a cup. Imo, Feaster isn't "kind of a genius" by signing an offensive guy with huge defensive issues and a flaky yet dynamic top six winger. He's a GM of a very average NHL team.
Does anyone else find this post funny? So a signing Wideman and Hudler could make a good team into a contender but isn't able to make a decent team into a good team? Now I know your next question is "is that all you want to be is a good team" I believe every team should ice the best possible lineup. Now you will say we will be stuck in this spot for years, who knows maybe Getzlaf wants to come back home and Edmonton won't overpay for a UFA since they need to re-sign their young guns, and the Canucks wouldn't have a spot for him so much like Minnesota did with Parise we could offer the most $ and have a real shot at him.

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