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Originally Posted by esidebill View Post
I've seen a lot of pictures of people with their skates laced up, and the laces seem to be uniform and narrow running up the foot. On my foot, the laces widen out at one point and then become narrow again towards the top of the skate. Would this be a problem? I don't really have any issues with the top of my foot.
It really depends on how you lace your skates up is it tight all the way through??

I have always left the bottom of my laces loose and only tightened up from the 4-5 eyelet from the top so my skates laces are pretty uniform. I also wear my skates with my toe touching the end and sometimes don't do up the top eyelet (depends on model and brand). If i do do the top eyelet up then I will skip one of the eyelets near the top to give me better range of motion in my ankle.

Out of most of my friends they follow suit in the way I do my skates (outside of leaving out the top eyelet). The ones that do their skates up tight all the way through seem to have narrower feet or have trouble with their ankles. They seem to like to tape their ankels up too - which is really bad for your skates durability. This will cause the break down of the support already in the skate and make it less supportive in the long run (tying your laces around the back of your skate will do the same thing).

* This is what I mean by the ankle see how Bure wraps it around the back of his skate, this will cause the back to bend, as well as the front, when you bend your knees to skate causing that support to break down. Bure probably when through skates much faster then other players.

It really comes down to preference I have always had trouble with the laces being to tight across the top of my foot so thats why I don't tighten them all the way.

* My knowledge comes from working at a sports store for 8 years primarily in the hockey department.

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