Thread: Confirmed with Link: Lars Eller re-signed for 2 years, $1.325M per
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07-06-2012, 07:17 PM
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Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
Eller's place on the depth chart at centre.

Right now DD is ahead of him for offensive centre positions in the top 6.

Right now Pleks is ahead of him for offensive centre positions in the top 6.

Right now Pleks is ahead of him for defensive specialist centre faceoffs.

Leblanc will be knocking on the door for 3rd line centre position real soon.

Galchenyuk is almost a lock for a top 6 centre position in 2 years

For Eller to remain a centre in the future for Montreal, he'd have to earn a spot over Pleks & DD for the 2nd top 6 centre spot.

Or he'd have to stymie offensively and excel defensively to keep the 3rd line centre spot over Leblanc.

The reality is he probably doesn't have a long term future in Montreal unless he learns to play wing. Or if he does, it means Leblanc busts and he takes the 3rd line centre role. I don't see him ever being better than Pleks, it's also a small stretch to see him be a more offensive force than DD.

There are too many people knocking at the door for his job. He'll unfortunately likely be the odd man out at least 75% of the time unless Leblanc busts but he's already shown that he can play in the NHL in a bottom 6 centre role.
Yeah...nothing there at all indicates anywhere close to a "sure" thing that Eller doesn't have a long term place with this team.

If Galchenyuk progresses as we all hope, he would be far more of a "replacement" for Desharnais, at least in his early years, than for Eller.

Also, until Desharnais does that again in a full season wiht a team playing meaningful hockey and not in a situation wehre he has the best wingers and gets the prime minutes of every game he's a question mark.

Eller is bigger, and better defensively than Desharnais. Also a couple of years younger.

He also fits far better as a potential 3rd line center than Desharnais would.

Oh, and Leblanc has been playing wing a lot. Why is it anywhere close to certain that he'll not only become a center full time, but become a better one than Eller?

Sounds more like you just don't like Eller and are making up "reasons" why you're so certain he's not part of their long term plans.

I did thoroughly enjoy you claiming it was a "reality" though, all of that stuff you said there. That enjoyable "conviction" you had in your beliefs.

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