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07-06-2012, 07:37 PM
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Originally Posted by I Eat Crow View Post
This is what boggles my mind the most. You simply don't trade a 22 year old two way defenseman that scored 11 goals and 41 points last season, just like you don't trade a 21 year old center that just scored 51 points last season.
You're quick to defend Del Zotto and Stepan, but not quick to offer a potential fix to our top six. It's ignorant to think people want MDZ gone. We want a good return in a trade, and I'd hate to break it to you: Dubinsky isn't gonna bring it.

In fact... I've yet to see a single post explaining how we can fix the top six without moving Del Zotto (or Stepan)... other than UFA-- and that raises another problem with our cap... if we give Semin a competitive offer for a retirement contract(5+years price based on what else he's being offered-- at least 5.5m I'd guess) knowing the risk-- or a competitive offer on Doan for the rumored FIVE YEARS that he wants at his age, then we're losing a kid to salary cap in the next few years anyway for bigger risks than we'd get in a solid trade.

You guys that keep complaining about people 'wanting' to move Del Zotto is just flat out ignorant and baseless. Find somebody else to move or don't complain about it... There's really nobody else on the roster. Not everybody can be untouchable.

Sure we can survive without upgrading our top 6, but if we get somebody like Ryan or Nash in a trade focused on Del Zotto then we're gaining more than we lose. Might be an older guy, but we're getting return based on MDZ's age and the need of both teams.

and I'm not saying it's a MUST to make a trade or sign a free agent-- but it's clear that it is an important piece to fill going forward, and if MDZ can't play the right side, and staal/mcdonagh can't either, then MDZ is a 3rd pairing defenseman on this team... which is without a doubt replaceable.

and it's for a big return that people would be 'willing' to move MDZ for. if he wasn't getting back a 30-40 goal scorer then nobody would even consider it.
i mean look at the poll on JVR for MDZ... the results were pretty obvious that people like MDZ and wouldn't give him up for just anybody.

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