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07-06-2012, 09:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Quagmier View Post
If I am Habs management, there is no way i trade Plekanec unless a player that can step into the lineup immediately and score goals is coming back.

With that said...I feel like there might be a trade to be made with Plekanec and Paul Stastny as the centerpieces. I may be way off base with this thought...but it seems like Stastny is no longer untouchable what with the emergence of Duchene and O'Reilly, and Plekanec may actually be a better fit with the Avalanche than Stastny is.

My guess is that it would take Plekanec + Defensive prospect/player going their way, with Stastny + lesser offensive prospect/draft pick coming back the other way, but i think there's upside for both teams there.

Upside for Avalanche:
- Get a premiere defensive forward who can still chip in points and play on just about any line
- allow Duchene and O'Reilly to settle into their roles and emerge as offensive threats by having a defensively responsible centerman behind them
- save 1.6m in cap space and have him locked up for an additional 2 years
- presumably add a young dman who can help shore up the back end.

Upside for the Habs:
- Get an offensive threat at center. Younger and with some significant upside of his own.
- Allow for better defined roles on the team up the middle with Eller and Desharnais falling into their appropriate roster slots (3rd and 2nd line centres respectively). Granted that doesn't matter much in the real world but its a calming thought to have players playing in the roles they should be.
- Help ease the transition for Gally, and if Stastny resigns (and Gally pans out) can potentially form a nice 1-2 punch on the top two lines at center

I hate making trade proposals/suggestions on HF normally, but this one just seems like its either a) a really good fit for both teams or b) a case where someone needs to tell me to pull my head out of my ***

Either way i get closure...and that's what counts!
If Colorado wanted either Diaz, Weber and a 2nd I'd make the trade in a heartbeat and I wouldn't need anything else coming back. Getting the centre situation settled long-term allows the team to focus on filling out the roster which is a lot more important than people think.

This has been discussed before and I liked it then but I like it a lot more since we traded AK and Cammalleri.

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