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04-17-2006, 04:48 PM
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the last couple of days have seen much discussion on our board here about cheers/ fans in nashville/ atmosphere in the GEC/ noise/ etc.

just to pass along a couple of conversations we had with the players, coaches and management about their thoughts about these things from our trip..

over drinks one night we asked crispy what he thought about the atmosphere at pred games... he went off on a long talk about things that some might find appropriate to this conversation(s) from his vantage point..

...he said the detroit playoff series was the loudest thing and best atmosphere he's ever seen for a playoff series, in any city or playoffs he's ever been to
...said when the first home game started (game 3) he had never heard anything quite like it in all his years of hockey.
..said that when legwand scored that shorthanded goal, it was the single loudest thing he had ever heard in any sporting event
... that the atmosphere in nashville for games was special, and unique in the entire NHL. that players often said that same thing to him.
...that the lack of corporate sponsership meant that the fans the preds had in the building weren't just "suits" there to see who they could see, but instead were that many more loud wild fans than anywhere else in the NHL
... that the players absolutely loved the chants that went on during the game, and that those chants often "intimidated" oppposing players, because it only happens in nashville and nowhere else
... that he loved the "goalie, goalie, goalie you suck chant more than anything else... and that chant was hated by every visiting player and loved by all our players.. again, because it doesn't happen anywhere else
... that all the players talked about how it was amazing that spontaneous long chants happened all the time in games here. much unlike other places where the only real cheering happened because it was prompted by the scoreboard or an organ player. and that itme and again a visiting player commented on it and how intimidating it was in nashville before a full house
.... that he thought we had among the best "10k" hard core fans in the league, but that we only needed more
...that the fans were the main reason we had such a home-ice advantage
...that the NBC crews from last playoffs were astounded at the noise level for games 3 and 4. said most of them had never heard anything like it at a sporting event
...that every visitor always loved the idea we have a live band playing at intermission. only in nashville does this happen. and it's one of the little things that make playing in nashville special.
...and that don't think the players on ice don't know exactly what is being said and happening. he laughed and said, "watch when something is shown on the jumbotron, and watch the players heads all look up that are on the bench to see what the commotion is about"

have to remember, this wasn't just some PR type talk from crisp, saying what someone wanted to hear, but his honest experienced opinions to a couple of guys over a drink

...the players when asked also all specifically mentioned how neat it was that "nashville's fans were unlike all others in hockey with their cheers and insults" and to a man that said anything about it, told us how surprised everyone always is to see the enthusiasm at our games. and i have yet to hear anything negative even whispered from our own team.
...and all the players that mentioned it also emphasized the point they hear everything said and chanted all game long and look forward to it

...trotz also went out of his way to brag on the fans and the loudness and different type of atmosphere there is in the GEC compared to other places.

we have a unique atmosphere here, take this from a guy who has been to many places and arenas. i truly think our weakness, the lack of corporate sales, is also our true strength, in that it means true hockey fanatics are the people that get our seats.. some want our place to become "more like original 6" franchise atmospheres. i don't. and i don't think the organization would either. most other arenas are like churches compared to the GEC for a big game, who in their right mind would want that?

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