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07-06-2012, 09:52 PM
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Originally Posted by GarbageGoal View Post
Some in this thread are proving 2 things I've always said....

1) The fans care more than the players.

2) That's not entirely healthy.
From my perspective I will just say this.....

Love the C's but they are 4th in my world of the Boston teams. I don't live and die with the C's. My dog is much more likely to get kicked after a Bruins or Pats loss to be honest

My comment about Ray being dead to me was a knee jerk reaction. Hopefully no one is offended. I will certainly get over tonight's news.

On your 2nd point, let me assure you I am not going to lose any sleep tonight after hearing Ray signing with Miami. Garnett was the key piece of this offseason for the Celts. I had thought weeks ago that Allen would be gone. It wasn't til just a couple of days ago that it appeared there was a real chance they might be able to keep this thing together for another run. But as a wise man down in Foxboro often says "It is what it is."

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