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Originally Posted by Seguin2Marshmont View Post
Miami can play without a point guard. Every team can play with 3 guards for stretches of time (the Heat especially). The Celtics have 2 shooting guards ahead of him on the depth chart (Terry plays the 2 a lot more than the point). There's undoubtedly more playing time to be had in Miami. And that doesn't even include the Rondo factor.

And I don't think most fans hate him now. Only the loud, obnoxious, oversensitive minority like yourself.
Im all those so what?

Believe it or not sports are a lot more fun when you have teams to hate. And its not like I hate the logo its the players on the team I dislike and if its a strong enough dislike for a reason then I hate them.

Think about it if you are a Boston fan nearly all the other good teams in pro sports over the last decade have SERIOUS beef with Boston teams.

Think of all the teams that consider Boston one of their most hated teams (this is without getting into un sports related resentment for being "educated liberals")

NFL hate towards Boston- Rams greatest show on turf, Raiders team that made the SB year after snow angels game hates us, Jets, fights with Tennessee, Miami, Denver before Manning was always on our schedule and a rival, Indy with Manning, Denver with Manning, Buffalo, Ladanian Tomlinson you don't disrespect Shawn Merriman's dance, Pittsburgh has never won a playoff game against Brady/Bledsoe and always talk smack before we play. That it? Course about Baltimore do you think they consider us one of their 5 most hated teams after we made them miss the Super Bowl somewhat controversially? Eagles fans hate us for beating them in the only SB appearance. Browns fans hate Belichick #2 after Modell. (Probably forgot a team who also really hates the Pats.)

NBA- The LA Lakers biggest rivals are the NBA team geographically located furthest away from them. The Miami Heat are the hands down most dominant team in the sport atm (only 2 years after being irrelevant) is their biggest most hated rival at the moment their neighbor Orlando? Or is it the team from BOSTON?

NHL- OUr biggest rivals are one of the 3 teams from NYC area right???? Freakin hell no those joke squads aint our rivals not even close!!!! Our rivals in hockey have won twenty something times and come from a city where hockey is #1 followed by hockey, and then hockey. THe most talented team in the NHL (and only one I like to watch when we aren't playing) right now is Vancouver...who is the team they hate the most?

Baseball- Yankees should be enough said. (Not like the TB Rays don't hate us #1 and always have in their brief history especially with the Pedro WIlliams stuff.)

How many dominant teams in pro sports during the last 10-12 years don't make that list above somewhere? If you can think of some list them see if you can get more than my NFL list than I will shut up and apoligize for daring to hate Allen deal?

Am I not allowed to hate back a little?

Hate is good/fun. So is being a Boston sports fan!

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