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07-07-2012, 12:12 AM
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I think it's instrumental for people to understand that when the Flames say they want to compete, they mean they want to compete for the playoffs, not the cup. It's a very important distinction that people seem to miss; just because their not rebuilding in the typical way doesn't mean they're gearing towards a cup run. There's no way that Feaster, if he has even a shred of intellectual honesty within himself, can actually believe that this roster is a cup contender.

The goal is, as stated, is to compete for the playoffs while rebuilding the rest of team. Essentially, getting younger, restocking the farm, but also acquiring players from 23-28 so the team doesn't end up in the cellar for half a decade.

The problems with this scenario are many. For one, the chances of success are considerably smaller than a traditional tear-it-down rebuild. Getting blue chip prospects and impact NHLer's without lottery picks is no easy feat. Especially odd about this, is the team picking Jankowski this year. He's a long term project for a team that needs immediate results. He may very well turn out to be a great player down the road, but it won't help the team remain competitive when Iginla and Kipper are long gone.

Secondly, the oft-mentioned goal of obtaining more players in that target bracket, 23-28, is again, easier said than done. Getting those players, especially if they're any good or have potential, will cost significant assets; assets that the Flames don't currently have.

Thirdly, towing the line between being competitive whilst restocking the prospect pool for a team in the Flames position is virtually impossible, mainly because the two biggest reasons for the clubs continued success are both very likely to leave if the team fails to make any noise. If the Flames fail to make the playoffs, the chances Iginla re-signs are slim at best. He's stated multiple times that he's not interested in being part of rebuild, and that he does want to win a cup before his playing career ends. When Kipper signed his contract, it was strongly insinuated that he wasn't intending to play out the final year of his contract when he makes just 1.5M. Without those two players, the Flames are very likely a lottery team.

Make no mistake, if the Flames fail to make the playoffs in the upcoming season, they probably won't make it for a long, long time.

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