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Originally Posted by Pens95 View Post
It good to tape a grip because no all stick have sticky stuff and if you drop your stick you can pick it up. It sounds like you guys want to waste a $200-$400 stick because A your stick can chip and let water and B how can you grip a puck without any tape and to take a shot.
I pearsonoly I tape my grip every 3-5 times I use it and I retake my blade every 1-3 times I use. When you get in the NHL and get 20-40 sticks a year then you don't have to put tape. I know an NHL player and he said he doesnt care how many sticks he has, he still uses the same stick like he's married to it.

Here's a story" Your on a break-away in overtime in game 7 an you going to do a move, you go from your forehand to backhand the all of a sudden the puck slides off of your stick because you have not tape on the blade. Then the opposing d-man get the puck and dumps the puck to center ice and his teammate is third he goes a break-away then scores on the same move you try to do and you go to the bench and your coach tells you your done. Everyone was happy on your team then got upset at you then that puts a bad tatto on hockey career.
Holy necro post.

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