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07-07-2012, 12:23 AM
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Originally Posted by braindead View Post
I think the flaw in the logic underlying the question is this: If he in fact doesn't want to sign with Nashville, he can go where he wants right now (instead of risking a year from now) AND get paid the max (not just well) by playing his cards right. Why would you mess that up by signing a 1 year offer sheet?

If we match, he stays here and then has to negotiate somewhere under the new CBA. If we don't match, he has to negotiate with that team or others under the new CBA. Instead, there is a scenario where he can get traded AND negotiate under the current CBA.... by far his best option (and, as luck would have it, the best option for the Preds and probably the other team too.)

The correct language from the other poster maybe should have been "unless Weber is insane, he would not even consider...".
Good point.

Luongo was on the radio today and out right said he'd like to go to Florida (but also said other destinations are possibilities).

For the reasons you've laid out, and because I'd think (hope?) Weber (if he wants to leave) wants to act in an honourable fashion to the Preds, I'm starting to wonder if the lack of movement on both Weber and Luongo might mean that a trade is in the works.

Nashville doesn't need a goalie and Luongo wants to go to Florida, and (assuming) Weber wants to go to Vancouver, then perhaps a three-way deal is in the works?

- Luongo to Florida
- Weber to Vancouver
- Ballard (multiple-years, offensive skills) or Edler (budding lower-tier #1 defenseman but he is UFA next season) to Nashville from Vancouver PLUS Nashville picks someone they want from Florida? Draft picks as needed to balance things out.

Florida gets its Luongo (making Luongo's wife happy), Vancouver gets Weber (which makes Weber's fiance happy), Nashville gets a defenseman to help plug the gap, and a core piece or two or three from Florida which may be the best deal workable if DP doesn't have much negotiating leverage.

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