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12-01-2003, 07:28 AM
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This is a better post for the other Kings board Tubby. It attacks the org and isn't really true. I like your posts so I'm not slamming you or anythng, it's just that most of us Kings fans like the deal and have been asking for it and when it happens, you jump in here (after being mia for a bit.) and post your dissatisfaction with the deal but from what I can see with no solid reason. You can't be seriously saying that Ronning and Yushkevich are anything close to as stellar of a player that Straka is. I wasn't thrilled with the Yush deal when it happened and thought that we didn't do as well as we could have when we got Ronning but after looking at how things happened, the only player that we "lost" in the deals that is really an NHL type of fellow is Lilja and we have better than him waiting to play for us in Manchester. Bednar no thank you. Kharalti, well, there is a sad story. My mate died of a heroin over dose and he was a gifted pianist. Had a record deal. Played for big band at the Sydney hall. (the pretty one mates with the sails for ceilings) Bloody wealthy and a celebrity where I am and with all of that, even though he flew to the states 6 times to rehab, he still died from it. If Karalahti was a clean and sober guy he would still be in the NHL and probably still a King. He wasn't and he isn't and he isn't so again, the only fellow lost that is actually getting a salary and making any dent in the NHL is Lilja.

To boot it all we dealt two non rostered players to land an All Star calliber forward who plays all three positions. Bloody genius if you ask me. I hate giving up Anshankov but am fine that one of the best GM's in the game and probably the best GM in the Los Angeles Kings history thought it was a good deal. I also as usual agree with Face Wash that the team is in a position where they truly needed to do this deal. They could have not done it and we might have been alright but, how do you say no to this when it takes a forward who is near the bottom of our skilled forward prospects on the depth chart and a defenceman that is about the same and gives a rostered legitimate top six player? I think we had to make the deal all things considered. I would be interested why you think that this particular deal fits in with the ones you mentioned Tubby. I simply don't see it mate.

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